Commercial Licensing

Commercial Licensing

From planning to production, our licensing team works to ensure that Huntsman's patented technologies add value. With many decades of experience in manufacturing operations, perfecting innovative processes and customizing formulations for critical applications, our worldwide R&D network and creative expertise are some of the distinct advantages you gain through licensing with Huntsman.

Comprehensive Service

2021年今晚澳门金牛版-澳门六下彩资料金牛版-金牛澳门六开彩开奖结果Huntsman offers consultative and support services that span the lifecycle of your project:

  • Evaluation for technical feasibility
  • Process assessment, planning and design
  • Patented and proprietary technology and experienced technical support
  • Operations training and process commissioning support
  • Ongoing access to manufacturing expertise and self-motivated continuous innovation

2021年今晚澳门金牛版-澳门六下彩资料金牛版-金牛澳门六开彩开奖结果Our core strengths in safely operating and maintaining complex chemical processes, technology transfer and deep technical expertise, combined with a broad range of products, applications and formulations, and global network of R&D facilities, all lend superior foundational and strategic support for your projects.

Please fill out the form below to request information about our technology licensing services.

2021年今晚澳门金牛版-澳门六下彩资料金牛版-金牛澳门六开彩开奖结果To learn more about Huntsman's technology licensing services, select a key technology and submit. A representative will contact you regarding your inquiry.

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